How Egypt defeated the Tor anonymity tool

Saturday, January 29th, 2011 at 10:15 pm.

There are many regimes throughout the world who really want to make it very difficult, or preferably impossible, for their citizens to run software which allows them to browse the Internet anonymously.

Iran is doing SSL-handshake fingerprinting in order to prevent their citizens from using Tor-connections.

China is blocking the entire Tor-network and quite a large number of Tor bridges. Users who can not access the Tor-network directly can use it through bridges – but it is possible to block all of those too because there are too few of them.

Few countries have managed to block the entire Tor network and all bridges. It seemed impossible. But how Egypt’s done it. It’s all blocked. How did they do it? Simple: They simply cut the whole country off from the Internet..

4 Responses to How Egypt defeated the Tor anonymity tool

  1. glenn says:

    guess shutting down the internet is one way to stop tor..

  2. anon says:

    Well….. Happy for those who have sattelite connection……

    • anonym says:

      True, I really should write some long in-depth article about alternative ways to stay in touch when the Internet is shut off since that seems to be a increasingly common problem these days. This does get very hard when they also shut down things like electricity since you’re basically left with carrier pidgins and things like that..

      A satellite connection seems like a easy solution, it’s probably not that easy to block those (I know too little about those and their security, I should .. read).

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