Where to get started in Tors location hidden service onion-land today

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 at 5:15 am.

The Hidden Wiki is the name of a location hidden service within the Tor-network which typically has some interesting information and links to other .onion websites. Wiki sites with that name have come and gone and come and gone numerous times the last few years, yet there always seems to be a hidden wiki. Perhaps is it more correct to call it Some Hidden Wiki or Another Hidden Wiki. There appears to be a Hidden Wiki located at http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page today. This wiki has many .onion links and most of them do work.

There is also a starting point at called TorDir at http://dppmfxaacucguzpc.onion/. This directory has many outdated links who do not work and many of those who do work are not very interesting. Still, it’s there, you can go there and click around and if you click, click, click around then you get somewhere else.

If you speak some asian language which looks strange and may possibly be japanese then you may want to check out http://xiwayy2kn32bo3ko.onion/tor/. I apologize to the civilized part of the world for not being familiar with your superior customs and languages, our education-system is not as good as yours.

The good old Torgle search-engine which used to be a good tool is still not working, and someone is supposedly

working on updates, expect errors! Sorry for any trouble.

When will this search-engine start working again? Will another show up and replace it? Nobody but nobody seems to be willing to admit anything, and they are all anonymous.

The most interesting .onion sites are obviously not listed in any indexes and most of the operators, and users, of these to NOT want you and you family to have access to their content. Some because they are run by intelligence agencies, military units and other terrorist organizations, some because they contain highly illegal content you do not want to view anyway and some just don’t like random strangers on their lawn.

The above sites give you a good starting point for those sites where readers are welcome and the operators just want to keep their names out of the headlines.

Good luck visiting onionland. Browse safely!

107 Responses to Where to get started in Tors location hidden service onion-land today

  1. Warsie says:

    The ‘asian’ website is Japanese.

    I see Hiragana and Katakana characters there.

    • poo flaps says:

      umm … you DO realise that japs are ASIANS…right?
      please tell me you’re fucking kidding pretending you don’t

      • me says:

        Did they say that they didn’t know that Japan was Asian?

        I didn’t think so… they were specifying exactly which country in Asia the characters represented, rather than leaving it generic enough to cover nearly 1/3 the population of Earth.

        Don’t be a dickweed moron.

        • mr.poo flaps to you says:

          “I didn’t think so… they were specifying exactly which country in Asia the characters represented, rather than leaving it generic enough to cover nearly 1/3 the population of Earth.

          Don’t be a dickweed moron.”

          read it again, DICKHOLE!

          “The ‘asian’ website is Japanese.”
          see the fucking SINGLE QUOTES you dopey cunt?
          that means they are SNEERING at the assertion that the nips are asians.
          learn english comprehension you mindless fucking MUPPET!

          • Anonymous says:

            What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

            • J says:

              awwww shit we gots a seal in here. i am obama and i say shut the fuck up

            • Anonymous says:

              It’s guerilla warfare, not gorilla.


            • anonymous says:

              Nice copypasta, complete with typing errors and everything. I’m sure our readers are scared to death of you and your “gorilla” warfare training.

              • bonglz says:

                My sentiments exactly, complete with spelling and grammar errors. Well done to the “original Navy Seal”, oh dear quacking and actually wee’d a bit, oh, no, sorry laughing thats what the motion is and actually pissed myself laughing. As if any trained military persons would spout crap like that. Trust me I know, I grew up in the army and a lot of my family are military. Go back to playing C.O.D leave your Gamertag so I can make a point of N008 tubing you if I ever see you and your confirmed 300 confirmed C.O.D kills. Idiot.

              • Steve says:

                It’s not much of a copypasta if you don’t include the spelling mistakes.

              • Anonymous says:

                man… I WOULD be afraid of gorilla warfare… you ever seen planet of the apes? Or, just think, GORILLA-GUERILLA-WARFARE!!!!! King Kong with a bazooka!!! Oh my Gooooooooooooooood!

            • Anonymous says:

              yup be afraid because he’s in the NAVY and the ARMY and the MARINES all at the same time.

              lol, dumbass

          • Dude says:

            Amen. I’m Caucasian. Don’t see me sneering at people for calling me white.

      • justin hogan says:

        justin dj what up

  2. Henk says:

    hey dude, I’ve got a question and I’m clueless about where to ask or who to turn to, so I’ll ask you:
    why do 9/10 of the .onion sites give me the 504 error? even the ones that are supposed to be still running(like the search engines)?
    does this mean that they’re down or did I just screw something up(ports, router, ISP etc)?
    I’d love a response mate,

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m having the same problem. Someone help!

    • me says:

      Try using the actual ‘Tor Browser Bundle’, it is set to be able to access these sites by default.

      Then you need to let it actually connect to the Tor network, you should see an onion logo in your taskbar or panel (Windows or Linux, fuck Mac) which will begin yellow, and will turn green when connected. The browser bundle will not even launch the browser until this occurs.

      Additionally, USE THE BROWSER THE TOR LAUNCHER LAUNCHES. Just because it is FireFox, and you already have another copy of FireFox installed does NOT mean that your original copy will launch these sites. It is very simple to have two FireFox windows open, with one able to display the hidden wiki, and the other one completely unable to understand the .onion address.

      The first sites that I would pick to test are the sites that you can pretty much guarantee to be up (barring acts of Anonymous, that is) such as the HiddenWiki or the Tor Directory (http://dppmfxaacucguzpc.onion/). If these sites are throwing the same error, then there is actually something wrong.

      An additional recommendation is to CONFIGURE THE BROWSER. For whatever reason, Tor Browser Bundle comes out of the box with the NoScript plugin only partially enabled. My recommendation is to crank this to full by setting ‘Forbid Scripts Globally’


  4. ano says:

    HTTPS everywhere is disabled when using TOR, because TOR disables all plugins !

    • me says:

      There is a difference between a plugin (Flash, PDF, Java, Silverlight, etc) and an extension.

      If you add is some basic bookmark extension, there is generally no problem, and these are not disabled on Tor Bundle.

      This extends to, contains, and originates from, the NoScript extension, and HTTPS everywhere, both of which are required for Tor to work the way that it works.

  5. tortor says:

    I have ordered amazing bud and hash from this ananymous tor site:


  6. georgelucas says:

    any way to get to the most interesting onion sites?

  7. rebel says:

    anonymous attacked whole hidden wiki, not only pedo sites in their newest darknet operation. now I don’t have good opinion about anonymous anymore, they act like that they do dirty job for FBI. ordinary people who hosted sites at freedom host are now collateral damage in war between anonymous and owner of server (for whom they say he is pedo). anonymous are autoritarian and vanguard (they decide for whole society what is allowed and what is not) and they are right hand of FBI. I am not against it that they attack sites which misuse children, it is clear that children don\t have need for sex and they are misused by older from whom they depend, but it is the fact that they didn’t know how to attack only pedo sites and they decided to attack whole servers. and servers contain lot of things which have nothing with pedophilia.

    • me says:

      Jesus fuckernutz.

      Look, #1, it wasn’t an ATTACK… it was a DDOS.

      All this means is that they kept the Hidden wiki server busy for a few hours.

      In computer-techie-parlance, its the equivalent of having a million people come walking up to you asking “Does my butt look big in this dress” and “Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose”, and being forced to respond to each of them in turn.

      This meant that the wiki site was inaccessible for a short period of time… there was no damage.

      The actual attack was by tricking pedophiles into downloading a faked version of Tor that exposed their IP addresses. The link to this was placed directly on pedophilia sites, so ‘normal’ users never would have seen the bad link, much less clicked it, downloaded Tor, logged into the pedo sites with the bad Tor running, and exposed their shit to Anonymous.

      This attack had absolutely nothing to do with the wiki.

      #2, they took the wiki site down (again, temporarily) because it advertised sites that had child porn on them. Given that this is a normal entry point for newbies, many people have probably found their initial sources of child porn through this site.

      Anonymous ‘took the site down’ for a few hours as a protest.

      #3 “They attacked the whole wiki” (Part I)… this leads me to believe that YOU think they attacked all the sites LISTED on the wiki.

      This is false…. they simply blocked access to the wiki itself for a short period of time. All the sites listed (including, by the way, the pedophilia sites) were completely unaffected, and anyone with those sites bookmarked would have never noticed a thing; only those people looking at the wiki to find these sites were ‘inconvenienced’ with having to wait a few extra hours to find the correct address they needed to get their fap on over pictures of little Johnny.

      #4 “They attacked the whole wiki” (Part II)… did you expect that they could only pull certain links off the site?

      While a website is down, IT IS ALL DOWN. This is as simple as just keeping the server that serves the page busy for a few hours… does NO DAMAGE, but takes IT ALL DOWN. (see #1). To pull specific links off of the site, they would have had to hack administrator access, then downloaded, modified, and saved changes on the actual code that displays those links on the wiki page.

      While this would probably have been far more effective, it would have been harder to pull off, taken more time, and WOULD HAVE BEEN FAR MORE DAMAGING AND INTRUSIVE TO THE SITE.

      #5 “it is the fact that they didn’t know how to attack only pedo sites and they decided to attack whole servers”

      All sites are stored on servers… servers SERVE sites to clients (thats why we call them that). Thats kinda how the whole interweb thingamajig works.

      In order to take a website down, you have to work with the server…. and again, they did no damage, only kept it busy with requests for a while.

      #6 “anonymous are autoritarian and vanguard”

      Holy crap, is that supposed to be Engrish? Man, you is biggified metamucil.

      As for being authoritarian, (I hope my translation is correct), they are individuals that operate in concert… just like every other movement that has ever occurred.

      Wanna see an example of this in action? Go into a highly populated place… say an airport or shopping mall. Make sure you pick somewhere where individual liberty stands at the forefront of every man’s mind… maybe Texas? Then go inside and declare in a loud voice, “I like to poke little boys in the ass.” Yell it out over and over again.

      See how welcoming and accepting they are.

      In practice, this is democracy in action; wherein the populace around you votes on your comment by their actions. It has been said that democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Anonymous is a purely democratic movement.

      Then (after your lengthy recovery) ask yourself this… if I see something that *I* think is wrong, and *I* have the power to do something about it, what would *I* do? This is really what Anonymous did.

      This basic explanation covers everything from their ‘authoritarian’ assistance for the protesters in Egypt, to their ‘authoritarian’ recommendation which started the Occupy movement, to their ‘vanguard’ protection of WikiLeaks and PirateBay, and, yes, to their repeated outing of pedophiles.


      If you don’t like it, there are a few options you may try.

      The option you have apparently opted for, bitching randomly in a forum, seems likely to provide little to no effect.

      You could also go to the nearest FBI office and file a formal complaint with them that Anonymous has breeched your inalienable right to seek out and enjoy unfettered access to pictures of little boys… but again, your mileage may vary.

      Or, perhaps you could learn a thing or two about the way that strange machine under your keyboard works, and try casting your own vote.

      • gullop says:

        @me: a (D)DOS is an attack if the intention is to knock down a service. Some of your arguments may be correct, some others are just silly. One point of the stuff is no censorship from the top. Once you inject censorship, who can assure it can’t censor other things? For example, why not all the things that in most countries are considered illegal (like selling specific drugs or weapons). Once you say the can for a specific illegal thing, you say it can happen all the time when a group of peoiple think that something is wrong. CP is a gigantic damage and a painful horror, but drugs and weapons are not much less, they kill, directly and indirectly, either child or their parents, or grown up… Why Anon do not attack sites selling drugs and weapons? If the ratio is that The Hidden Wiki is criminal since let links to illegal sites exist, then it is even without CP. Ok, to you CP deserves special attention. I think it is just the visible part of an iceberg, and these indirect attacks (they were so) are not efficient at all. They don’t work. They only prove they can do it. Paradoxically, it could happen that pedophiles are busted easier because of the wide exposure of the links. The more you push them in the underground, the less the evidence of their crime… but with or without those links, normal people stay normal, pedophiles stay pedophiles.

    • Anonymous says:

      The “anonymous” group the media talks about is simple a false flag government operation.

  8. […] Where to get started in Tors location hidden service onion-land todayJan 25, 2011 … Where to get started in Tors location hidden service onion-land today. … I’ve found a lot of site that are online(JB, cp, assassination, hidden wiki … […]

  9. vern says:

    Ok, I can’t get on any onion sites. the TOR browser willopen any regular site but like I said, nothing in the onion department. It is really making me pissed. Please someone help

    • ellen says:

      If you can not visit .onion sites then you are using Tor wrong and you need to fix this immediately. If you are using Firefox then make sure you have configured network.proxy.socks_remote_dns in about:config to true.

      What is likely happening is that your DNS requests are being resolved directly, bypassing Tor. Perhaps the connections you then make are going over the Tor network. This leaves you with DNS-leaks! The reason I suspect this is the case is that Tor would resolve .onion domains for you but normal DNS servers do not.

    • me says:

      I agree with Ellen.

      If you cannot access hidden sites, then you should simply assume that you are completely in the clear.

      This is certainly a sign that you are doing it wrong.

  10. Tommy says:

    Unable to connect. I tried everything, nothing happens. is it possible, that my ISP is shitty?

    • Tony says:

      I have the very same problem

    • me says:


      Tor slows down traffic through it by its very nature. If your ISP is already slow, then this can easily slow it to the point where your browser decides that the page is not loading, and it will give up.

  11. LaughingCow2012 says:

    You are correct, not need to surf HTTPS within TOR.

    however *NEVER* open a PDF while on TOR (it will leak your real address)

    • curious says:

      I’m wondering, what if I disable my PDF reader from connecting to the web? I did that through my Norton IS, is it still dangerous to open PDF files while online? As far as I know the issue was that PDF readers might send out or download some information (I don’t know which one, but you get the point), but if I forbid them from connecting to the internet it should be good, right?

      • me says:

        Crap and Nonsense.

        Be neurotic about HTTPS.

        Your ISP (they people you pay for internet) are the ones that route the connection between your computer in your house, and the Tor server in another corner of the world. They are the irremovable man-in-the-middle.

        If you are dumb enough to do this on an unsecured HTTP connection, then they can see everything that you are surfing, as they are actually the people sending it down the pipeline for you to fap to. If any of this contains illegal materials, they are legally bound to forward the images/videos, time/date stamp, IP address, etc. etc. etc. to the local/federal LEA/Gestapo.

        You cannot get rid of the fact that you are using their lines… you simply can’t. The best that you can do is make it unreadable to them so that they have no idea what you are looking at, and to do that YOU REQUIRE HTTPS, at minimum.

        You have the same problem on the other side of the connection, at the exit node, as they are serving the image/video/porn to your Tor connection.

        There is a reason that the Tor Browser Bundle comes with HTTPS everywhere… it isn’t simply a decoration.

      • me says:

        But..yes… disable PDF.

        Disable Flash.

        Disable any actual plugin, especially if it has the word ‘Adobe’ anywhere on it (although Oracle seems to be a bad sign as well).

  12. Wacko says:

    Hello, i am new to this and i am having troblies to find the certain hidden sites im after, ive found about one that was selling hash. is there a ‘google’ for theese cdertain sites
    thanks for ya help

    • me says:

      Yes and No.

      There are sites that are attempting to fulfill this roll by indexing darkweb sites, however, there are some serious obstacles to these working well.

      To begin, Google has a fuk-ton of money (which is 3.7 shit-tons). This is significantly more than the average wannabe hacker dude creating his ‘crawl the Tor’ site.

      Secondly, as these sites kinda wanna remain anonymous, they tend to be unwelcoming to people they don’t know…. so many of them will simply not respond to normal requests, or will return nothing but a captcha, or a login prompt, etc etc etc. This doesn’t let the spider know anything about the site that it found intentionally, and by design.

      Thirdly, these site come and go…. often. Even for sites that are consistent, they are liable to be up one minute, down the next, then come right back up.

      Put this all together, it means that any spider attempting to crawl the dark web will be attempting to index a random, chaotically changing cloud of computer systems that really don’t wanna be found, and do so on a shoestring budget.

      I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  13. swagstorm says:


    I like info, not shit like CP. This is THE ONLY damn working .onion link I found. Tried about 50 others. Nothing else works.

    Question: Am I ok surfing tor after I installed the bundle WITHOUT a Proxy? What’s the best way on Windows 7?

    • Anonymous says:

      if you don’t konw, you DEFINATELY aren’t – go get the browser bundle and ONLY use that browser

    • me says:

      Tor *is* a proxy… thats why you are able to see *any* site that uses a .onion address, as without a proxy, the DNS would never be able to resolve this address.

      Installing Tor ‘without’ a proxy is equivalent to wearing a condom without protection.

      This does not mean that some people will not feeling safer wearing 2 condoms (adding another proxy for an additional layer of protection), however, if you are really kinda unsure about how this whole interweb/anonymouse thingy works, I wouldn’t.

      You are far more likely to punch holes in your current protection by accident, and then make the mistake of thinking you are safer.

      Basic guideline? RTFM.

      Tor is set up pretty securely exactly the way that it is… as long as you change your browsing habits adequately (don’t try logging into your gmail, for example while you are ‘not looking at CP’), turn all scripting off, steer clear of flash and pdf’s and such… you will be safe enough.

      • Anonymous says:

        When using the TorBrowser and accessing sites, how can you tell if you are using https? I realize that the extension HTTPS-Everywhere is installed and enabled in TorBrowser by default, but does this work on all onion sites in TorBrowser? How can you tell that https is working on any particular site? It looks like HTTPS-Everywhere uses a white list of pages to automatically use https on. Are all onion sites automatically using https?

  14. Anon says:

    Even facebook doesn’t work on tor anyone else have same problem? :/

    • anonymous! says:

      this sounds like a feature, not a bug. I just don’t see the problem

    • Sam says:

      What’s the point of going through Tor to be FB…?

      • anonymous! says:

        There are good valid reasons to use FB through Tor. Tor can give you anonymity and that obviously goes out the window if you log into FB using your real name through Tor. But Tor also gives another nice property: It hides where you are coming from. You may want to be able to login on FB without FB knowing exactly where in the world you are.

  15. sessoanal says:

    homicide .onion sites???

  16. lolnoko says:

    Hidden wiki has been down for a while. An anon group is buttraeping them for hosting links to CP. I congratulate them, that shit is bad.

    I went through the websites on this page, and found the ones that are up as of now.





    Browse safely.
    Unless you’re seasoanal. in that case, kill yourself. :D

  17. Anony2 says:

    @Anonymous March 29, 2012 at 2:20 am
    I must agree with you. Apart from Drug selling in darknet you can find the same stuff that is on the “regular” web.

    • gullop says:

      The point of a net like Tor is not necessary to “show what can’t be shown elsewhere”. It is to stay anonymous and avoid censorship. This means also the ability to stay illegal and safe (more or less), but it need not to be the only use.

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  19. […] Where to get started in Tors location hidden service onion-land todayApr 3, 2005 … Browse Hidden Sites we open mozilla Browser and give http://6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d .onion/tor/SocatHelp or copy it. you must wait a few minutes … […]

  20. German Kraut says:

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  21. bonghits4jebus says:

    The signal to noise ratio is much higher on the TOR hidden sites. for example, pastebin.com is filled with spam at a 20 to 1 ratio. qpastebin on the onion is generally spam free.

    • me says:

      Yup… the price you pay for being anonymous is that everyone else is, too… and most people are complete asshole slobs as long as nobody is looking.

  22. me says:

    With all due respect to all of the requests for “It ain’t loading” on here, RTFM.

    I would go back to the Tor website, and look through all the directions designed for newbies. They should answer your questions, and give you a solid basic understanding on how Tor works.

  23. Ronny says:

    Can somebody help me, I am looking for a really good hacker. I need to rent him or she for a very small job. Please help me and tell me where I can find a really good one.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Many sites off hidden wiki give me “onion.to
    The requested domain is blocked and can not be reached through this proxy.” why is this and how do I bypass this?

  25. […] Where to get started in Tors location hidden service onion-land todayJan 25, 2011 … This wiki has many .onion links and most of them do work. … The most interesting .onion sites are obviously not listed in any indexes and most … […]

  26. x says:

    Just downloaded the Tor bundle.
    Very concerned that even wiki links to porn, do not want to view child porn ever.
    Could this happen accidentally?
    Guidance please on how to avoid at all costs.

  27. Anonymous says:

    how can i get a .tor browser? please reply, just dont add any “onion” sites im not into cp

  28. […] Where to get started in Tors location hidden service onion-land todayJan 25, 2011 … There appears to be a Hidden Wiki located at http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/ index.php/Main_Page today. This wiki has many .onion links … […]

  29. […] Where to get started in Tors location hidden service onion-land todayQuick overviews and basic info on .onion. .onion is a pseudo-top-level domain host suffix (similar in concept to such endings as .bitnet and .uucp used in ea… Latest news and videos on .onion… […]

  30. Hey me. Hacking is illegal. Two wrongs dont make a right! anonymous=vigilante

  31. Tor-er Newbie says:

    @ me – Man i was just reading your comments & posts…it was interesting.. hilarious & useful..!! Although im a newbie in this but i aint gonna mess things up….
    “common sense isn’t common for many now a days”

  32. Tor-er Newbie says:

    I got to know about this deep web thing in 2012 beginning when i read an article in the newspaper… really interesting place but only wish if the pages load faster. x|
    My research continues on this & hope that they’d develop a search engine like google for tor…

  33. Anon says:

    All Windows and Mac computers have spyware, which has been installed by Microsoft, Apple, and others, and you should not think that you can simply install Tor-whatever and start looking at .onion sites. That is stupid. If you don’t know you way around Linux or *BSD, do the following:

    Go here and read about Tails:

    Download Tails, verify download, and burn it to a CD/DVD. Boot your computer from it and (not your hard drive). That will make it easy to access .onion sites and is much safer than using Windows or Mac.

    • Sam says:

      TAILS or Liberte are both good ones. Neat thing about either one is you can configure a memory key with a persistent folder for saving stuff.

  34. Anonymous says:

    The requested domain is blocked and can not be reached through this proxy.
    How I can solve this problem?

  35. TheRevolutionWillNotBeTelevised says:

    Having trouble finding .onion site. Anyone?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Yes…I can’t get shit I was optimistic though. I need a goo reference for finding out what’s out there.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Fuck the onion Network.
    The Sites get offline as fast as they come.

    And if you want to buy Underground Stuff, You can order on http://bitcoindrugs.tk.

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    preferred blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that
    what you are using on your blog?

  39. juiann budd says:

    I had heard rumours about fake credit cards…..

    now I have one..took a leap of faith but was worth it!

    contact details….


  40. really????? says:

    Did thaht really work? You got a card, with a PIN or what? How much did it cost and how much cash did you get?

    I might get in touch with him!!

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  42. Henry says:

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    sheridans card arrived in three days and I took 5000 dollars over 12 days….

    he is at

    thanks man

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